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Web Hosting

This is a list of affiliated web hosts and offered services. Please look through each host to find the one with the right services and prices for you. By clicking any of the following links, and purchasing hosting of $4.99 or more per month through the chosen company, you will receive 5% off any one order!

Shared Web Hosting Companies

Shared hosting is where you share a server with other websites. With shared hosting, you are splitting your resources with at least 1000 other users, typically hosting in the range of 10,000 websites all on one single server! Ouch!

In the ten years of experience in the Web development field, we've been around the bin with shared hosts, and time after time they have failed to deliver the quality we needed.While they are often wonderful at first, as more users are added to your server, service becomes degraded over time. The other end of the extreme is high-cost web hosting such as VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting Companies.

Dedicated Web Hosting Companies

We have been with more VPS and Dedicated hosting companies than you can count on two hands, and the facts are in. While you will usually get better reliability and performance from VPS and dedicated servers, if you want support you're certainly going to pay for it. Even so, there's no guarantee that once you sign up for a year of service that their level of support quality meets your expectations.

What you need is a middle-ground: a balance between affordability and reliability.

Performance-Optimized Managed Client Hosting

Scottrageous Design is now providing performance hosting packages that start at $280 per year for each site you host with us. Your site is run on a performance-optimized server that we own, that is dedicated for our clients' sites only. This means you get the performance of a VPS or dedicated server at a fraction of the price! We don't currently limit space, bandwidth or resources your site can have, within reason. We manage these accounts for you, but you will optionally have access to a full-scale control panel where you can submit modifications to your hosting account and features, assuming you are comfortable doing so.

Our managed hosting package guarantees support for every project we'd ever need it to for all projects we work on together. The server is guaranteed to remain running at all times (apart from occasional scheduled maintenance) and if it goes down unexpectantly, you will receive an extra month of hosting at no additional cost, or you can opt to receive a refund for that month's service. Please call us or contact us via email or skype for more details about this package.

Scottrageous Intensive Hosting Package

Our high-end solution is our intensive hosting plan, with a dedicated server, software that monitors the uptime and predicts issues before they happen, and a dedicated 24 hour staff that monitors your server constantly, and is there to correct issues before they occur. This is a quality solution, with extremely high uptime (guaranteed 99.99%), but it runs higher cost-wise. This solution is billed monthly (no annual payment) and requires an annual contract, for $850 per month for a one-year term, or $600 per month with a two-year term. Setup costs for this plan run in the range of $350.

You get your own dedicated, private server and a team of engineers manage it for you. You get your own equipment that is only used by your company, and someone is there whenever a problem arrises. This option is for higher-demand websites that require absolutely 100% uptime hosting and expect large demand of traffic.